What & WHO?

Yoga is a system that teaches us to observe our mind and connect to our body through the breath.  

The Franklin Method teaches us alignment through movement, experiential anatomy and mind-body connection through imagery.

Hedy Iankelevich is a Yoga Teacher, Franklin Method Movement Educator and Anatomy Enthusiast. She is a nature lover, crossword fanatic and world traveler. 




Hedy believes we are designed to feel good. That change in body, mind and well being can be created at any moment and at any age.

Awareness is key.  Living optimally in our bodies and minds comes from paying attention to the way we move, think and breathe in our daily lives.

This is the one body and mind we get in this life time-- might as well use them well!

Where & How?

Hedy is currently teaching group, corporate and private Movement & Yoga classes all over Manhattan.  She also leads domestic and international retreats.  

Her specialty is working with 'Golden Agers' and people who are new to Yoga and Mindful Movement.