Don't Just Exercise. MOVE Your Body!

I used to go to the gym.  I wouldn't think about moving my body all day long (if it happened, it happened) and then i thought "well, ill just work it all out at the gym later."  I used to eat and think "well, if i eat too much, ill just work it out at the gym later".  I used to look in the mirror and not like what i see and say "ill fix this by going to the gym later".  Yes, that was me... the "ill fix it at the gym... later" kind of gal.

The physical and mental repercussions of this were detrimental to my health.  On a mental and emotional level this is living a life of "in the future".  I can be a lump now or hate myself now because "later" ill work it out.  And im sure we all know that "later" doesn't always come but strong patterns of self loathing and future living do get ingrained instead.

On a physical level, this is one of the ways that the body can be severely injured and worn out quickly.  Sitting at a desk job all day, taking the escalator, driving everywhere, using rolly carts instead of carrying a basket, etc... and then going to a CrossFit class?!  The body is in no shape or form to be going from doing nothing to doing something extreme!!

I speak from experience.  My body got injured many times this way.  Between over working an under moved body, over activating muscles thinking i was getting strong but instead just getting tense, not knowing how to functionally breathe or how my body is designed to move, thinking negatively about my body in the present with the hopes that my thoughts would change in the future (fat chance!!), not moving or eating mindfully throughout the day but instead thinking "ill fix that later"... I was a wreck!

Getting myself on a yoga mat was the first step to opening up my mind and learning Franklin Method completely changed my mentality about movement.  It's not about what you do in that 1 hour at the gym or yoga class... but rather what you are doing all day long.  How mindful are you when you breathe, walk, sit, stand, reach, eat?  And within that mindfulness do you know about your innate design and function?

The first step to getting out of the "ill fix it later" mentality is to start moving NOW. Walk to work, slow down your eating, breathe consciously throughout the day and take the stairs for christs sake! :)