Conversations with the Invisible


A recent conversation with a friend reminded me of something quite significant from my childhood.  I remembered that I used to have conversations with ‘the invisible’.  I would make deals with the universe.  I didn’t realize it until now, but i was praying.

I wasn’t raised to pray.  I wasn’t raised not to pray.  It just wasn’t part of my every day life.  On holidays, we would go to temple or say a prayer over the bread and wine.  It was all very foreign to me.  It was in Hebrew.  They weren’t my words.  I couldn’t connect to it.  

I remember laying in my bed at night asking ‘the invisible’ to keep me, my family and my friends healthy and safe. I would promise to “not do this or that”.  I don’t even know what i could possibly have been doing so bad as a child (except for cheating in Monopoly!) to have to 'make a deal' but either way, i made promises and asked for my wishes to be answered in return.

As an adult, i don’t necessarily think we need to make deals with ‘the invisible’.  It doesn’t really work that way, as far as i believe.  I think we need to be honest with ourselves and in doing so, we move towards a state of ‘flow’ which in my opinion is when we are in good communication with the Universe.  When we hide, put on a mask, silence ourselves, stay in abusive relationships (with ourselves, other people, lousy jobs, toxic environments, etc…)— we lose the fluid connection with Source…. our communication gets fuzzy.

This conversation is forever ongoing.  It’s not a one time chat.  Due to our ever shifting, evolving and growing nature we must constantly check in with ourselves. Am I listening to what my spirit is saying now?  And now?  And now? 

Ask yourself this question today and see what comes up… “How are you, Heart?  Are you happy?”