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Incredible, fulfilling, heart-lifting, PERFECT. I’m not just saying this because I love you and loved Costa Rica so much but I honestly would not change a thing. Everything was just so perfect between the yoga classes, the activities, the down time, and all of the planning that clearly went into it, and on top of it we got so lucky to have such an amazing group of ladies who got along so well. I would do the trip over exactly the same.
— Nicole S.
Thank you so much for an incredible day and experience. I’m fortunate to have met so many awesome people on this adventure.
— Ryan L.
I’m still weening off of the bounty, the food for my soul I received from our retreat!
Thank you and all for that! PRECIOUS, it was! Greeted by you, and then Matt & Garreth was just a perfect welcome for me! To recount all the moments would not do them justice! They were heartfelt and lovely! Gratitude holds them still, in my heart! Thanks Hedy!!!
— Gary Lum
Thank you so much for Saturday. I had a wonderful time on so many levels. I know it was a huge undertaking to put a retreat together. Even though I was only there for the day, it all seemed effortlessly awesome.
— Anick P.
I know I put a post to your fb page but it really was an amazing day!! I haven’t hiked like that in years and I realize how much I miss it and your yoga class afterwards was perfect-the balls got the kink out of my neck :)
Everything was perfect and we were so lucky it didn’t rain and we were able to get out into such beauty. Thanks again so much for a perfect day.
— Lisa M.

Past Retreats

Dominican Republic March 15-19with Hedy & T'ai Jamar (2).png