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Recently, I had a severe illness and was in the hospital for several months then rehab. When I came home I was very weak and contactedHedy about helping me heal. Hedy was extremely welcoming and supportive. The work I did and plan to continue doing with Hedy helped
me gain my balance back, become stronger and develop more confidence.
I learned from Hedy that you can do yoga and Franklin Technique to get stronger in a relaxing way that is not stressful to the body. After a session with Hedy I feel stronger, have more energy and breathe easier. In addition, to being a wonderful teacher Hedy has a good knowledge of anatomy which is enormously helpful to me. I always wished I was a good dancer and what I have learned in my work with Hedy is that we are all dancers and have the capacity to move beautifully through life.
— Howard E.
As a newbie to yoga, I was a bit intimidated to just jump into it. There were two reasons that really helped me feel more confident and able to learn & enjoy myself more. One was the fact that Reflections Yoga has so many different levels of classes so I was able to start with the very basics and move up as I felt more comfortable, and the other reason was Hedy. Hedy has a very friendly and relatable way about her which is seen in her classes and outside of them too. As a teacher, she is always helpful and on point and each time I take a class with her I come out learning something new.
A few weeks ago there was a day I was debating on taking a yoga class – partly because of the bad weather, partly because of lack of motivation. In the end I went and coming out of Hedy’s class, I felt so overjoyed that I had gone! Some days you need yoga more than others but because of Hedy’s reassuring energy and refreshing attitude I felt thankful to be a part of her class in particular that day. Thanks Hedy, I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know that I’m looking forward to more of your classes!
— Jillian P.
A yoga class with Hedy is much more than a typical yoga class; it’s an exploratory experience through your body. In our yoga asanas, often we got caught up in what the asana physically looks like on the outside, but do we ever consider what our body, anatomically, looks like on the inside?
Hedy teaches, reminds, helps us feel and embody just that. Her classes flow beautifully from beginning to end and they are one of the few classes where my body feels like it could practice for hours comfortably. Her incredibly sweet and personable demeanor are just the icing on the cake.
— Sheeva G



Before I began my work with Hedy the pain in my leg was so bad that I dreaded my daily subway rides, had trouble standing long enough to do the dishes, and was in a general state of sadness about my chronic pain. Hedy changed both my perspective on pain and, through her melding of different disciplines, she gave me essential tools to practice non-fear based ways of healing and strengthening my body.
Hedy has shown me how to connect to my body as a whole, not just as various “trouble spots.” This has resulted in less anxiety about my pain and, consequently, a release from that pain. She uses yoga, the Franklin Method, and the gift of her intuition and empathy to guide her clients. Additionally, Hedy is a gracious and effervescent person who creates a warm, comfortable environment. I look forward to each session and always leave feeling more in touch with my physical - and subsequently emotional - being. I could not recommend her more highly.
— Brigit K.

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