Be The Change.

Just hours prior to teaching the Healthy Spine for Life workshop on Nov 14th, I was watching the news and tears were welling up in my eyes seeing and hearing the coverage from the terrifying attacks happening around the world.  The one in Paris hit hard on this day because my first Franklin Method Teacher Training was actually in Paris in 2013 and I fell in love with the city.   I thought,  how could i even teach this class when there is so much pain,  suffering and sadness around the world right now?  I need to do something to help!!  It felt so close. My heart was breaking.

I decided to teach the workshop and not cancel it- what good would canceling it do, right?  That's when i realized that I am helping-- teaching these workshops, stepping onto a yoga mat, going for a walk, cooking, running, hiking, snowboarding, dancing, singing, reading, being with family and friends- whatever it is that feeds your soul--  these are the things that can change the world.  You cannot force others to change their beliefs.  All we can do is be the example of how we want to see the world.  When we learn to love our selves, look deep into our hearts and nurture our souls, that's when the world starts to become a better place.  If you have love for yourself it is almost impossible to not love others, to not feel connected, to not see that we are all one.

I had planned to acknowledge the Paris attacks in the workshop.  I planned to say a prayer, a moment of silence or a few words of healing. The students started entering the studio with huge smiles and hugs.  My spirit was lifted so high from their energy that I honestly forgot that I even wanted to bring up the news.  We spent 2 hours learning about the spine, imagery,  laughing, moving and left feeling better in our bodies and minds than we did walking in.   We took a look at what we are made of  (literally) and for that i feel like we are doing our small part in bringing more love onto this planet. 

As Mahatma Ghandi said, "be the change you want to see in the world".